State-of-the-art in electronic data exchange. Not only in payment transactions!

The Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard, EBICS for short, is an open standard for web-based data exchange between banks and their business customers.

With multiple encryption of the transmitted files at transport level and the possible use of a multi-level signature concept, the Distributed Electronic Signature (VEU), EBICS is based on the highest security level currently achievable. Furthermore, because of the employment of internationally used standards such as HTTPS, XML, TLS and ZIP, the process is highly compatible and can be implemented by companies themselves in their own software products on the basis of a public specification. In addition to its own EBICS client, EFiS has also developed an EBICS server/bank computer, which is used by well-known corporate customers of the DAX 30 companies. In addition to the EBICS-specific advantages described above, EFiS offers its customers the following additional benefits with the EBICS server/bank computer:

  • Processing of all common communication types such as EBICS, FTP, SFTP, RIOCOPY
  • Both synchronous and asynchronous processing depending on the file size for optimal performance
  • Optimized architecture for data centre operations
  • Web-based access via the Webenix Client

Thus, the EBICS Server/Bank Computer allows companies a maximum degree of freedom and creative leeway for processes and optimizations in payment management and treasury. Orders can be created and authorized across locations and current account information can be retrieved from everywhere.

However, the use of EBICS is not only limited to the classic area of payment transactions. It can be used as a means of transport for a wide variety of electronic business processes. One possibility, for example, is the transfer of annual reports between banks and their business customers in the modern XBRL standard.