Responsible use of modern technologies

EFiS operates its own Green IT data centres in Germany and Switzerland. In order to meet the high demands of its customers, EFiS relies on IBM‘s z Systems mainframes, which are particularly convincing due to their reliability, scalability and performance. Thus, the coverage of security-relevant regulations, which must meet the highest standards especially for the banking world, can be guaranteed.


The digital revolution and the associated increase in energy demand require the intelligent use of modern information and communication technologies. At this point, green IT is the key to greater efficiency, sustainablilty and the exploitation of existing energy potential.

By means of a solar system on the roof of the building, EFiS uses the generated energy to support the power supply of the data centre. As a rule, a large part of the power consumption is accounted for by cooling and ventilating of the hardware. Many data centres are still cooled down to approx. 22 degrees Celsius, although modern technologies permit significantly higher temperatures. The mainframes used by IBMz Systems have been operated for years at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.


The data centre is operated with the highest security standards. In this context, the data is not only protected on the hardware side, but also by using the latest encryption software.

Using the EFiS zCockpit App, the utilization and temperature of the data centre can also be controlled on different mobile devices, so that the availability of the systems can be monitored at any location and at any time.

A separate backup disaster recovery centre 150 kilometres away is available to guarantee secure payment transactions for customers in any case. In this way, reliability and permanent availability can be ensured.