Mainframe meets mobile:
A combination with potential


ABK – The software forge of the Paymentgroup

FinTech has been permanently present for our customers for 30 years. Utilizing the business potential of mobile devices: In the traditionally conservative financial industry, IT trends are opening up new business potential. Mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular for enterprises to serve new customers segments and needs and generate additional benefits. Then innovative middle class persons are needed to develop meaningful extensions at their own risk.

In payment transactions, apps offer the opportunity to streamline processes and increase productivity. In the financial industry, absolute security is also a priority for mobile applications. Customers also want to rely on the highest security standards as well as on tested and proven solutions for apps.

The challenge is to develop mobile applications with the same security and performance as other ABK software products.

Commercial banks can use apps for the Distributed Electronic Signature  (VEU) in payment transactions, Cockpit for monitoring data centres and EBICS-Mobile for flexible connectivity. They help our customers to use their time flexibly.