The SWIFT access of the next generation
Financial Access Knowledge Management, or FinAcc for short, is a SaaS solution that enables all MTs relevant for payment transactions to be processed via SWIFTNet.
It includes a modern SWIFT CBT (Computer Based Terminal) and a direct connection to SWIFTNet via SAG (SWIFT Alliance Gateway).

IBM Components
Hardware: zlinux
Software: FTM (Financial Transaction Manager), more precise:
FMT (Financial Message Transfer), MSIF (Message and Service SWIFTNet), MER (Message Entry and Repair), SIPN.
Connection via MQ to the E.F.I.S.® Transaction Platform.

Advantages of the Solution

  • Developed for service operation
  • In contrast to the SAA, FinAcc is specifically designed for service operation. This allows routing information to be configured, for example, in a central application (E. F. I. S.). A consistent and continuous multi-client capability up to the archive is also given.

Architecture Fit
The software components run on SUSE Linux on z Systems. This means that additional hardware can be saved and the Green IT approach of ABK can be optimally utilized.

Full E.F.I.S. Integration
Due to a seamless integration with the E. F. I. S. ® Transaction Platform improves software distribution and management improves. Basic functionalities such as the VEU or the principle of dual control can be used.

Plug and Play
As an out-of-the-box solution for small and high volume standard SWIFT messages, FinAcc offers a fast implementation and a high degree of automation.
Standard routing and authorization rules contribute to a short time-to-market.

Reducing Complexity
Only important MTs that are relevant for payment transactions are processed. Higher-level functionalities are transferred from the CBT itself to the E.F.I.S.® Transaction Platform. This reduces complexity and enables simple and fast processing.

FTMA File Transport Monitoring ABK
The monitoring can be done via a central cockpit as well as via a client-specific cockpit in the E. F. I. S application. In addition, mobile apps provide full management control, no matter where you are.
They show logged-in and logged out BICS, a clear status display, which messages ran on errors and further transaction statistics. They also enable the processing and control of batch files.

Target Market
FinAcc can be used as a solution for backup or production. Small to large banks and companies with low to very high SWIFT volumes will find a clear and efficient product that meets all requirements of SWIFT connectivity on a secure and highly available infrastructure.